Creative Director: katelynn hanser 

…writing about yourself, awkward... Well, it's been a journey. My artistic career begun around age 10 after I realized I was never going to be a pop star. I never would have imagined that drawing cartoon characters and other childhood loves would have spun into such a wonderfully challenging and passionate opportunity. I found a love for floral design and event details through the MOST amazing event and floral studio in Missoula: Habitat Events! I have been expanding the artistic charcoal covered avenues and found a passion for calligraphy, silk and the artistic design that it comes with! (don't end a sentence with a preposition...)

The name Olive and Bay came to me during a late wedding design night... I have a strong gravitation toward beautiful foliage and the fact that it builds foundation. This adventure is my foundation into creating beauty and personal touches for life and love.

 I am a Montana rooted calligrapher, silk dyer and artist with a passion for beautiful love notes, florals and furry creatures!

My inspirations:

Lady Gaga | Antler and Skulls | Color | Caravaggio | Rubens | Botticelli | Michelangelo | Egypt | Alexander McQueen | Dolly Parton | Country Music| Montana | Florals | Wild Life